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Nintendo released the game for Gamecube in 2002 for the Japan market. Part of Super Mario 3D series the game’s plot takes place in a fictional island called Delfino. In the island the game begins with Princess Peach, Toadsworth and Mario take a vacation. Shadow Mario – the antagonist – vandalizes the island with paint and the residents blame Mario for it. Mario objectives are to save the princess and clean up the mess using a device called FLUDD (Flash Liquidizer Ultra Dousing Device). The game received a lot of positive reviews from critics with many praising the use of FLUDD and the game’s graphics. However, some did not like the game’s camera control. In total, the game sold over five million copies and became GameCube’s third bestselling game of all time. You can download our super Mario sunshine Rom here.

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How to Play Super Mario Sunshine Game

The game while very similar to its predecessor the Super Mario 64 has some new features. In the game, players are tasked with controlling super Mario through the various terrains while he obtains a total of 120 super sprites. The sprites will help him clear his name after bowser jr covers the island in toxic waste while stealing sprites – bowser jr does this disguised as super Mario.

The first game setting is in the hub world of Delfino. As the player progresses through the game they are able to gain access to various worlds through portals. Unlike in Super Mario 64, players in Sunshine collect sprites instead of stars. Mario has various objectives that he needs to clear before he can get into a new stage. The Isle of Delfino has hidden areas where you can collect more sprites. In the boathouse in Delfino Plaza, players can exchange shine sprites for blue coins. Download our Super Mario Sunshine Rom Here.

One new feature included in the game is the use of FLUDD. This is a backpack that Mario carries around and that enables him to clean up goop using water. In the beginning, Mario has two default nozzles – hover and squint – and he can switch between the two at any given time.

The Squint nozzle uses water steam to attack enemies, clean sludge and activate certain items in the game. The hover nozzle is cooler and enables Mario to hover in the air while he sprays things below; he is also able to cover large gaps using the nozzle.

Two additional nozzles are up for grabs as Mario progresses through the game; the rocket nozzle shoots Mario up into the air while the turbo nozzle enables Mario to move at high speeds while breaking any barriers before him. Mario is substituting his existing nozzles for this. Download our Super Mario Sunshine ROM Here.

The FLUDD can be refilled through water reserves like fountains or rivers. There are times when it is taken away from Mario and this forces him to tap into his natural abilities. While progressing through the game Mario will find an egg when given a fruit hatch into Yoshi. Ridding Yoshi can be pretty cool, he lets you cross obstacles by breaking them when spitting juice. He can change color by eating certain fruits or eat enemies through his tongue. He disappears from the scene when falls into a deep sleep or when he no longer is able to use his tongue. Yoshi can be restored when he eats more fruit. Download our Super Mario Sunshine ROM Here.Download Super Mario Sunshine

What is the Game Plot in Super Mario Sunshine?

Super Mario SunshineThe game’s plot begins in a fictional island called Delfino. The island takes the shape of a dolphin with ten varying locations. Two main races – Nokis and Piantas – inhabit the island. The largest city in the island is Delfino Plaza and this happens to be the city’s main game hub. Mario – the protagonist – embarks on a vacation to the island accompanied by Princess Peach, her longtime assistant Toadsworth and other toads. The group is met with a rude awakening on the island when they find it polluted with graffiti. Delfino is covered in a perpetual shadow after shine sprites – provide light to the island – disappear. Mario soon discovers a water cannon called FLUDD –developed by Professor E. Gadd – and uses its powers to clean up the island. Download Super Mario Sunshine ROM Here.

While restoring the island, Mario soon defeats a giant slime but his victory is short lived as Pianta police who accuse him of vandalizing the island with graffiti soon arrest him. Mario finds himself before a kangaroo court where his put on trial, found guilty and ordered to clean up the graffiti. This is beside the fact that he has just arrived on the island. Princess Peach objects to the ruling and Mario embarks on a journey to recover the Shine Sprites. His also forbidden to leave the island until he fulfills all objectives issued by the court. The following day Mario begins his adventures, after spending the night in a cell. His first task is to clear his name and restore order to the island of Delfino. Download Super Mario Sunshine ROM Here.

Unknown to Mario, a shadow character resembling him is responsible for all the mayhem. He uses portals to go to other parts of Delfino while using a magic paintbrush for graffiti. Mario follows shadow Mario when he kidnaps the princess to the island of Pinna. While there, Mario is confronted by Mecha bowser who happens to be a huge robot controlled by bowser. The robot also shoots bullet bills but Mario is able to defeat it by firing water rockets from his roller coaster. Shadow Mario real identity is then revealed to be Bowser Jr. Professor E. Gadd has developed both FLUDD and shadow Mario paintbrush. Download Super Mario Sunshine ROM Here.

Using the remains of Mecha Bowser, Bowser Jr. turns his body into a hot air balloon and uses it to escape with Princess Peach. It has also been revealed to him that Peach is his mother. Bowser is last seen when his heading for volcano where he holds his vacations.

A flood falls on Delfino Plaza after Mario has defeated Bowser Jr. in all nine areas and this opens up a cave on Corona Mountain. Mario finds bowser Jr.  Inside the cave as they are sitting in a hot tub. He rescues the princess by flipping over the hot tub and this causes Bowser and Jr. to fall into the sky. Mario and the princess escape unscathed and fall onto an island but loses his FLUDD as it is destroyed. Power is to shrine gate while the toads restore the FLUDD.

Mario and the princess continue with their vacation. Bowser Jr. soon learns from Bowser that Peach is not his real mother – a fact he already knows – he makes his father proud when he reveals that he will continue battling Mario.

The screen changes depending on how many points the player has; if its less than 120 a picture of Piantissimo appears while if the player has more than 120 shine sprites you have a message written: “having a relaxing vacation” with the entire cast. Download Super Mario Sunshine ROM Here.

Super Mario Sunshine Game Development

Download Super Mario SunshineThe game was well received by critics with many praising the use of the backpack. GameSpy was impressed by the beauty of the environments and the wide array of moves available to the players. Nintendo Power gave the game a perfect score for excellent music, superb graphics, funny cinema scenes, clever layouts and ingenious puzzles. Gamepro was quoted as saying the game is a masterpiece due to its ingenuity in gameplay, game design and creativity. Game informer – an American publication – named the Super Marion Sunshine as the best game to date. Some thought the game was better than Super Mario 64. The game made it to position 46 in the official Nintendo 100 games of all time. Negative reviews were witnessed from Allgame who were of the view that more epic games had been made between Super Mario 64 and sunshine. Download our Super Mario Sunshine ROM Here.

The game sold over 400 thousand copies in Japan and 350 thousand in the US within the first 10 days of release. This surpassed the sales for GTA Auto II and XBOX Halo. In Europe, it sold more than 175 thousand units during its first week. In Japan, the game had sold over 630 thousand units and sales surpassed those of Super Mario 64. It also made its debut in the players choice – this is games that have done well and are been sold at reduced prices. It sold 2.5 million units by July 2006 and earned Nintendo over 85 million dollars in the US alone. By June 2006 the game had sold a total of 5.5 million units globally. Download our Super Mario Sunshine Game ROM Here.

Some of the new characters introduced in the game have been carried over to other games that followed it. Bowser Jr. has been Mario’s archrival in many titles. Bosses in the title were also seen in some of the spin-offs of the game including Mario kart double dash. Shine sprites were first introduced into the titles through super Mario sunshine. Bowser jr also debuted in the series and become a common character in later games. It also becomes the first game to let the player ride on Yoshi. This was later extended to Galaxy 2. Super Mario uses FLUDD to destroy enemies and move around the game. Brawl also has several stickers that were first introduced in Super Mario Sunshine.Super Mario Sunshine ROM box art

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