Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga ROM

Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga ROM

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AlphaDream developed the game series in 2003 for Nintendo GBA. This is the first title in the series. In 2014 the game was re-released for Nintendo e-shop and Wii U virtual console. The latest remake was for Nintendo 3Ds and appeared in 2017 under the title” Mario & Luigi: Superstar saga plus bowser minions. The game begins in the kingdom of Mushroom but soon continues to the kingdom of Beanbean. Mario joins his brother Luigi as they battle the antagonist called Cackletta. In the game plot, Cackletta with the help of Fawful steals princess peach voice. They disguise themselves as ambassadors from the beanbean kingdom in order to get close to the princess. While still using a role-based strategy the game differs from other games in the series by laying more focus on elaborate attacks and timing. Being whimsical in tone the game has incorporated various in-game jokes and this makes the title very interesting. IGN ranked the game as the 12th best Game boy advance game of all time. You can download our Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga ROM Here.

Download Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga ROM

How to Play Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga Game

The Gameplay in this title differs significantly from the rest because you have to control Mario and Luigi simultaneously. If you are playing the overworld section, then Luigi closely follows Marion through the directional pads while if you want to control Luigi specifically you use B (Luigi) and A (Mario) buttons. Both of them can jump individually when the game begins but as the game progresses, they are able to acquire hammers and an assortment of other weapons. Download our Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga ROM Here.

Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga ROMAs the game progresses, weapons can be used for a multitude of various functions. Luigi hammer, for example, can be used to transform Mario into a smaller size hence enabling him to fit into small spaces while placing Mario on Luigi’s arm transforms Marion into a propeller and the two have flight abilities; they can also hover over large gaps. There are several enemies scattered across the game and coming into contact with any one of them initiates a battle. You can land hits on enemies and pre-empt damage. The reverse is also possible. Download our Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga ROM Here.

Unlike other super Mario games, battles in Mario and Luigi are turn-based. The primary mode of attack for Mario and Luigi is through jumps which earn them points after multiple hits on the enemy. However, if the enemy is covered in spikes or flames it is them who get hurt instead of the enemy. The hammer is a powerful weapon against enemies; with exception of flying ones. To make your attacks more effective players can use the time button which gives the player jumps or increasing the strength of the hammer. Mario and Luigi can work together to defend themselves. They can dodge attacks through jumps or when well-timed use the hammer to counter-attack. Download our Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga ROM Here.

There are various items to be unlocked in the game; this includes Bros. Attacks, which incorporate Bros. Points. The points enable Mario and Luigi to cooperate in order to perform stronger attacks. Peppers are used for boosting stats, mushrooms for healing and 1UP mushrooms to revive fallen brothers. When the bros defeat enemies they earn experience points and increase their stats. Players have the option of increasing an attribute the moment they level up. Stats can also be increased when the Bros are equipped with new gear or special badges that give them attributes. Download our Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga ROM Here.

What is the Plot in Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga Game?

Download Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga ROMMost of the Mario games take place in the Mushroom Kingdom but Mario and Luigi take place in the kingdom of BeanBean; this happens to be a neighboring kingdom to Mushroom. You will find new enemies and old ones like the Goombas. The beanish inhabit the kingdom through you will find other tribes like the hoohooligans and Yoshis. Locations are also different with the exception of Bowser’s castle. The game plot involves Mario and Luigi and they are tasked with saving princess peach from the game’s main antagonists – Fawful and Cackletta. Download Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga ROM Here.

Mario and Luigi have to work with Queen Bean – head of the bean monarchy and her son, Peasley. Many people in the kingdom like Prince Peasley and he has acquired celebrity status. Unlike previous Mario games that have Bowser as the villain, in this game Mario and Luigi battle the evil witch called Cackletta. Surprisingly, Bowser helps Mario in the game before his body is possessed by Cackletta to form a creature called Bowletta. Cackletta is helped to carry out her evil plans with the help of her assistant Fawful who uses comical language in the game. Mario engages in constant battle with two thieves – popple and rookie – throughout the game. In some instances, popple fights alone while other times his accompanied by Birdo. Download our Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga ROM Here.

The game plot begins with the evil witch Cackletta arriving with her assistant Fawful to steal Peach’s voice and replace it with explosives. Mario and Luigi subdue Bowser after being summoned to the palace by Toad. Bowser was initially planning to kidnap peach but backtracks on the plans. He then joins Mario and Luigi to get princess peach voice back. In the meantime, Cackletta has fled to the beanbean kingdom. Using the Kooper cruiser Mario and Luigi fly to the kingdom of beanbean through bowser’s airstrip. But, before they can get to their destination the bowser is blown from the sky by Fawful. This leads to the separation of bowser and the brothers. Download Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga ROM.

Cackletta has transformed Prince Peasley into a dragon and the brothers’ first task is to free him. Mario and Luigi soon reach the castle but drop into sewers after they fall into a trap laid by Cackletta. Mario and Luigi soon learn that Cackletta ultimate goal is to steal a mystical object called beanstar which when awakened by peach stolen voice will grant Cackletta all her wishes. She later attacks Mario, after mutating to a version of queen bean; she also steals the beanstar. The team defeats the mutated queen and embark on a journey to recover the chuckola reserve – this is a soda that will restore Queen Bean to her former state. In their quest, they encounter a thief called Popple – who is after the chuckola – and his sidekick, rookie. Mario and Luigi succeed in getting the reserve and rescuing Queen Bean. Download Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga Here.

Calckletta next plan is to awaken the stolen beanstar and Mario and Luigi travel to Woohoo Hooniversity to stop her. However, when the beanstar is exposed to peach voice it goes berserk and flees. Mario soon defeats Calckletta and Fawful sucks up her soul and stores it in a vacuum to save it. Calckletta soon begins issuing orders, which are rejected by prince Peasley. The Mario brothers encounter popple and rookie as they try to locate the beanstar. While trying to take control of the beanstar it shoots into the air and explodes into four pieces that get scattered all over the kingdom. Surprisingly peach still has her voice after all that is happening. Mario soon discovers that the Princess was warned about Calckletta plan and switched places with Birdo; its Birdo voice that Calckletta steals. Download our Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga Rom Here.Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga ROM

Peach wanted to tell Mario of the switch but Bowser interrupts her.  Fawful in the meantime imbues a weakened Bowser with the soul of Calckletta to form a twisted Bowletta. While traveling to Fungitown, Peach is kidnapped by Bowletta who thinks that he can use her for ransom and get the beanstars in exchange. Mario and Luigi travel to Joke End after restoring the beanstar. They travel there to make the exchange for peach. Their plan does not go well as Bowletta refuses to release the princess and these forces, Luigi, to disguise himself as the princess; he does this by wearing one of the princesses’ dresses and ends up being taken instead. He soon escapes in the Koopa Cruiser and gets the beanstar back. Bowletta attacks beanbean castle town using bowser flying castle. Before confronting bowletta, Mario and Luigi defeat the Koopalings and fawful. While pretending to be defeated she swallows the brothers. While in her body they battle Cackletta soul and extinguish it from bowser’s body. Bowser returns to normal while the two are regurgitated. The brothers narrowly escape the castle before it explodes from a bomb set up by Peasley; this also sends the bomb into the ocean. The game ends with the team heading home after getting tired of their vacation; they settle in the mushroom kingdom. Download Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga ROM HereDownload Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga ROM

The game received a warm reception from critics with Eirogamer praising it for its dialogue and sense of humor. Some said that the game avoided most of the cliché common in Mario series. If you have played Mario games before then you are familiar with how similar the plot seems. Gameplay was mixed with some being of the opinion that the battle system was different from the popular roleplaying games. Gamespy criticized the game for lacking originality and found the title similar to Zelda titles. The sequel to the game is Partners in Time. The game was released for Nintendo in 2005 with a different plot from the current game. The main antagonist is Shroobs who replaces Cackletta and the setting is outside the Beanbean kingdom. Some of the Bros Moves have been included in the game and Fawful is found in the sewers of the peach castle. A remake was also made that included Mario and Luigi with minions. Superstar Saga made it to the Nintendo 200 top list at number 37. It also becomes part of the player’s choice label and was Gameboys 12th best game. In the US it sold more than one million copies grossing over 30 million dollars in 2006. Download our Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga ROM Here.

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