Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games ROM

Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games ROM

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The game developed by Sega Sports R&D is a crossover and party game that has Mario, Supersonic and other players. It was released for Wii in 2007 and in January 2008 for Nintendo DS. The game has been licensed by the International Olympic Committee and features the Summer Olympic Games. It is the first video game to feature both characters from Mario and Sonic the Hedgehog series. Based on the games players have access to 24 Olympic games. Players in the game mimic a character through various games like a paddle. Stylus and button controls are available in the DS version. To promote sportsmanship, Sega adopted IOC rules and guidelines followed during competitive plays. Sega was given the rights to use Mario and they were able to create a mascot. Reviews were mixed with many praising Wii for the multiplayer interactions but some found the game to be a bit complex while others blamed DS for the lack in an interaction between players. During the games convention held in Leipzig, the game was awarded as the Best Wii game for 2007. The game has so far sold over 10 million units. Download our Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games Rom.Download Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games ROM

How to Play Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Game

As stated earlier the game consists of 24 Olympic based games. How you play the game will depend on the console that you are using; in Wii, you use motion sensors and a nunchuk attachment to control the on-screen characters. You play the game just like in real life through the Nunchuk; for example, you swing the remote for hammer throws or tilt it in bow and arrow. You can choose to use the Nunchuk but it is mandatory for archery. Download our Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games Rom Here.

Some events are very intense – running events will require you to constantly drum the controller while other aspects of the game are computer controlled. A game like table tennis requires the player to move with the Wii but the player controls the swinging racket. The DS is less physically engaging due to lack of motion controls and in some games, you will need to just stroke the screen. To make the game interesting it incorporates Mario and Sonic the hedgehog plus fourteen more characters from both franchises. The characters participate in the replica venues for the Summer Olympics that happened in Beijing in 2008. Download Mario and Sonic at the Olympic game Rom Here.

Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games ROMThe Olympic venues have incorporated art like styles common in the titles. Depending on the event each character has its own statistics that can be an advantage or disadvantage. The characters are subdivided based on speed, all-around, power and skill. Wii console have adopted some in-game characters form its console Mii and this allows them to import –Avatar. You also get non-playable characters who act like referees. Mario and Sonic have three different modes – single match, circuit mode and mission mode. In the circuit mode, the players compete for the highest score in customized circuits or in pre-determined events. In single match mode players compete individually while in the mission mode players compete in six character specific missions; the events are more difficult than the rest. Download Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games Rom Here.Download Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games ROM

In the Wii console, additional players can be added to circuit and single match mode. The DS console has a multiplayer mode called Versus. The mode supports up to four players. Those who do not have the game can find it through DS Download Play but the events are limited to six while the circuit mode is not available. Both consoles have the gallery mode where you can find a brief history of the Olympics. Trivia questions dominate the game with five Olympic categories organized by athletes and history. You also have mini-games that require the player to answer trivia questions in order to proceed to the next level. You can have classic music once you have cleared all the categories; this can be accessed from the gallery. Best times and scores are displayed on leadership boards. Download our Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games Rom Here.

Game Events in Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games

The game follows real Olympic events complete with rules and regulations. This applies for the circuit and single match mode.  Wii events include gymnastics, athletics, shooting, archery, rowing, fencing, aquatics, and table tennis. In the relays, you can assemble your team of four characters while in the 100-meter dash the players get a starting boost which plays a critical role in winning the race. Dream events while resembling Olympic games tend to be exaggerated. The games take place in locations familiar with the franchises and players can move in extraordinary speeds or use special abilities to win games. While most of the events in the two games are similar, there are a few events that are unique to each console. DS version lacks relay races and rowing while the Wii version lacks cycling and five dream events – basketball, canoeing, boxing, skeet shooting and long jump. Download our Mario and Sonic Olympic Games ROM Here.

Mario and Sonic at the Olympic game development

The first significant gaming video between Nintendo and Sega was F-Zero GX and this saw them build a closer working relationship. Sega was also moving from hardware to third-party development. The two creators of the mascots – Shigeru Miyamoto and Yuji Naka – begun talks to have a crossover game that would incorporate the two characters. Initially, Sonic the Hedgehog was created to rival Nintendo’s Mario. They, however, lacked a setting for the game. This changed in 2008 when Sega was awarded the Olympic license a year later. With their newly acquired sporting license, they sort to influence young people to be more involved in Olympic games. Instead of a more realistic gaming approach and to entice younger players the game creators decided to use mascots the young people were familiar with. Download our Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games Rom Here.

Download Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games ROMSega initiated a meeting with Nintendo when they requested rights to use Mario in the game. When it was approved this set the stage for Sega to add another layer of quality control in development. The companies agreed that their cooperation would bring about sportsmanship in the Olympics and would bring the two popular mascots together. During a joint press release in 2007 during the E3 2007, the companies officially introduced Mario and Sonic to the world. To enhance cooperation between the two companies, Sega Sports R&D Department developed the game but under the supervision of Shigeru Miyamoto from Nintendo. Further development of the game was done by TOSE. The game got its license from IOC and is the first video game to be officially licensed by the Summer Olympics of 2008. To fully epitomize the Olympics games the president of Sega Europe said that they had planned for a list of interesting events that included judo. However, due to a large number of events, the number was reduced and this led to the omission of Judo.  By October 2007 the game was available in Wii with the DS version being launched in Japan in January 2008. Download our Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games ROM Here.

Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games Reception

The gamble by Sega and Nintendo paid off because the game was top selling in the UK in four separate occasions. This continued for the next seven weeks as a best seller. During this time Wii sold over half a million units. 1.2 million Copies had been sold in the UK alone by June 2008 leading to Sega to re-market the product. In total, the game sold two million copies in the region. In the US, the game had sold 613,000 units by December 2007. In Japan over 500,000 units had been sold by December 2008 with Nintendo DS selling 380,000 units. By June 2008, Sega made an announcement that they had sold over 10 million units of the game and that he was optimistic of another joint venture with Nintendo. Download our Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games Rom Here.Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games ROM

The game went ahead to be listed in the Guinness World Records Gamers Edition of 2010 as the bestselling game crossover with 4.02 million copies of DS sold and 7.09 million for Wii. While the games performed exceptionally well when it comes to sales, critics were of the view that Sega and Nintendo failed to match up the main mascots – sonic and Mario – in the platform games. Instead, they were bundled up in the Olympic Games in an effort to promote it. Some found fault with Wii controls; this was the case in the mini-games where players had to wave frantically in order to perform certain tasks. Download our Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games Rom Here.

The successor to the game is Mario and Sonic at the 2016 Rio games. The game was released for Nintendo 3DS in 2016 and for Wii consoles in 2016. Just like its predecessor, the International Olympic Committee has licensed the game. The title is the fifth in the Olympic gaming series. Game additions include 34 playable characters with each character having its own set of unique abilities. Additional gaming events include rugby, boxing, sevens, and football. Other games like volleyball, athletics, archery, equestrian and swimming have been refined. The was first made public on Japanese Nintendo website on 30th May 2015. You can download Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games Rom Here.

How to use Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games ROM

Mario and Sonic incorporate to popular mascots in the gaming industry. The game replicates events in the Olympic competitions. Our gaming editor has been made with the user in mind. It lets players create their own unique gaming world by customizing players, unlocking levels and new items. The Gaming ROM is user-friendly and is a great platform for those who are keen on the design. Players are who are new to the gaming world will find our editor the right tool for them. You do experience any blockages when playing the game. The Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games ROM do not have bugs and you will not see any error messages when downloading the game.

Compatibility and Security

We have taken care of all our potential customers when it comes to downloading the ROM. Our ROM is compatible with Microsoft Windows and Mac PCs. Many game players have faced disappointments when it comes to online downloads. Some items that they download do not work will some all full of bugs and viruses. We have taken our time to learn all our customer needs. This has led to us designing a site that is free from viruses and malware. You should feel secure downloading stuff from our site. The site is also easy to use, even to beginners.

Customer Support

We ensure that our customers do not only get the best downloads but any issues that they may have are sorted out within the shortest time possible. Our Customer care staff is available 24/7 to ensure that all your queries are taken care of. Customers can also contact us through our suggestion box.  If you want to take your gaming experience to the next level then the Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games Rom is the right editor for you.

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