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Mario Kart Double Dash ROM

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Game Title: Mario Kart: Double Dash
Platform: Gamecube
Language: English (US)
File Size: 326.4 MB

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This is a kart racing game for Gamecube; Nintendo developed it. It is the 4th title under the Mario Kart series; it follows Mario Kart circuit. Its predecessor is Mario Kart DS, which was released in 2005. The game’s objective consists of racing each other on Mario themed tracks. New features include co-op gameplay that allows players to ride on a single kart. In the game, one player will use an item while the other rides the kart. You also get the option to make switches at any time during gameplay. You can use LAN connectivity and play the game through Nintendo Broadband Adapter. This allows up to 16 players to race each other. In total, there are 20 characters to choose from. The game received positive reviews from critics with Metacritic giving it a score of 87 out of 100. Most of the reviews praised the game’s graphics but the voice acting was found to be below expectations. The game sold over 3.8 million copies in the US alone and more than 820,000 copies in Japan. Now it is GameCube second bestselling game. Download our Mario Kart Double Dash Rom Here.

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How to Play Mario Kart Double Dash ROM

Mario Kart double dash is a racing game in which racers compete with each other. You can see from the screen the position of players and how many laps one has left to win the race; you can also observe impeding weapons and the car’s speed. To gain an advantage against opponents, players can pick random items and use them to impede the opposition. For example, bananas and shells enable a player to slow down the opponent’s car while if you collect a star power up you become invisible temporarily. Unlike other kart games you can have two players per kart. While one drives the other collects items, if a weapon hits the player they drop their weapons. Download Mario Kart Double Dash ROM Here.

You can also drift along tracks by using the power slide technique; it also allows players to produce sparks around their kart while using the control tilt. When you tilted hard enough the sparks turn blue and produce a kart boost that gives your extra speed. As a team players have access to the rocket start – this is a mini-turbo boost that occurs at the beginning of the game. Download our Mario Kart Double Dash ROM Here.

Mario Kart Double Dash ROMThe game has four modes to choose from, the versus, grand Prix, time and battle mode. You can play some of these modes as single races or play them cooperatively.

Grand Prix: In this mode the player races against 6 or 7 teams controlled by a computer. The courses are also predetermined. Engine sizes differ and the player can choose from 50cc, 100cc and 150 cc. The fourth mode which you need to unlock lets you race against a mirrored 150 cc car. The different racing classes are designed in such a way that engine size influences speed and there mode difficulty level. You have 16 tracks with 4 cups – flower, mushroom, star and special. The fifth cup is called the all cup tour and has every player in every track.

Mario Kart begins with Luigi circuit and ends with the rainbow road but you can race the other tracks in a random order. Except Baby Park and Wario Colosseum – which have 7 and 2 laps respectively – the rest have three laps. Once all the human players have crossed the finish line the game is locked and players are awarded points. The points are awarded for the eight positions and range from 0 to 10. Once the cup ends, just like in the Olympics, the top three teams are awarded trophies –ranging from gold to bronze – in an award ceremony. This ensures that no matter what position you earn in the race you still move on. Download our Mario Kart Double Dash Kart Here.Download Mario Kart Double Dash ROM

Time Trial:  In this single-player mode, you win the game if you can complete 16 courses within the shortest time possible. You also receive a mushroom, which you can use at any time during the race. Another cool addition is the ghost – this is a carbon copy of the racer’s performance that you can use against later runs.

Versus Mode: This mode allows LAN compatibility and players can choose any course in the game and race against 3 to 15 players. The mode also allows racers to customize item frequency or the number of laps raced. Download our Mario Kart Double Dash ROM Here.

Battle Mode: This is the last mode and enables players to race against 3 players or up to 15 players in LAN. You battle human controlled opponents with items scattered throughout the battle scene. The balloon popping challenge enables players to pop opponent’s balloons while defending their own. By cruising with a mushroom, players can steal items from their opponents. You can also steal balloons in Co-op battles by performing a slide attack on the opponent’s car.

Two additional games have been added to the game – the first involves netting a shine sprite and keeping it for a predetermined period; usually 55 to 60 seconds. If the shine is lost you get to reset the time. If you have possession for 30 seconds then you can reset to 40 seconds instead of 60.

The other mode – Bob-ombs – enables you to collect special points. You will need three points to win if you have two players while when playing with 3 or 4 players you will need 4. If 2 or more players throw bombs at the same time no one earns points. Download our Mario Kart Double Dash ROM Here.

What are the Characters in Mario Kart Double Dash?

Characters are divided into 10 pairs of 20 playable kart drivers with each being associated with a special item. Luigi and Mario have fireballs, Diddy Kong and Donkey Kong – giant bananas, Bowser Jr. and Bowser – shells, Birdo and Yoshi – eggs, daisy and peach – hearts, Waluigi and Wario – Bob-ombs, Paratroopa and Koopa troopa – triple eggs, toadette and toad – golden mushrooms, baby Luigi and Mario – chain chomps while King boo and Petey Piranha can use any of the other characters special items with the exception of Birdo’s pink egg and Luigi’s green fireball. You have 21 karts to choose from with each having different weight class (heavy, middle, and light). The weight class will determine the kart’s acceleration, speed, and weight attributes. Download Mario Kart Double Dash Rom Here.

Game characters can also change roles – for example, Latiku also doubles up as a referee. The role involves announcing laps to racers, using a fishing pole giving signals for traffic lights and helping characters that have fallen off the track. Others include Goombas, shy guys, Nokis, Piantas, toadsworth, chain chomps, and Piranha plants among others. Toadette makes a first appearance in the series. Download our Mario Kart Double Dash Rom Here.Mario Kart Double Dash ROM

Mario Kart Double Dash Development

Download Mario Kart Double Dash ROMThe game first made an appearance in the E3 2001 and featured a short clip with no background that showed Mario and Luigi doing laps across a 3D map. During this time the game was simply called Mario Kart, by April 2003, Nintendo had issued a preview of the game to the public. Players got to enjoy a playable demo during the E3 2003. To make the game more interesting two players were added to the kart. During the gaming convention in August 2003, players were treated to an updated demo with new additions. The release date for North America was announced as November 17, 2003.

While working on the game, developers were faced with the challenge of making the game as simple as possible so that new gamers would mellow into it. This task was assigned to Shigeru Miyamoto – the producer at the time – he gave developers varying options to choose from.When it came to graphics, developers had unlimited options and this led to critics praising the game for its excellent graphics. Initially, the team had intended for the game to be available in Gameboy advance but the idea was later dropped. The reason being that Nintendo wanted to bridge the gap between veteran players and novices. A feature like the banana item was later dropped due to this conflict. The game includes a bonus disc with demos and gameplay videos. Download our Mario Kart Double dash Rom Here.

The game received positive awards particularly form ITV Game stars. The 3D graphics were almost perfect leading to Nintendo Power giving the game a perfect score. The game also received a perfect score from GamePro while Justin Leeper and Andy McNamara praised the introduction of two riders. GameSpy thought many players would soon warm up to the game. GameZone thought that none of the other games in the market could compare to double dash. However, there were some negative reviews. Ryan Davis from Gamespot thought the considering the seven-year wait the game could have done better. IGN thought the effects were mediocre while the Edge said that the game did not do justice to racing. Download our Mario Kart Double Dash Here.

Within the first seven weeks on the shelves, the game had sold over one million units and become Gamecube fastest selling game. In the United States, the game had sold over 2.2 million copies and earned Nintendo an estimated 105 million dollars. It was ranked 12th by Next Generation in the PlayStation and GameCube category. While the game initially sold 3.8 million units in the US it did 800 thousand in Japan. ELPSA gave the game a gold award for sales – this is usually for games that sell over 200 thousand units in the UK. By November 2003, the double dash had become the bestselling game according to NPD Group. By February 2009 the game had sold seven million units globally. In the official Nintendo 100 greatest games of all time, the game was ranked at position 63. Download our Mario Kart Double Dash ROM Here.

How to use our Mario Kart Double Dash Rom

Double Dash is probably the best karting game in the world, with great tracks and the ability to play two characters on a kart. You can take your Mario kart double dash gaming experience to the next level by downloading our easy to use ROM. The ROM editor is friendly and can be used by beginners. It is easy to learn and lets you customize your gaming maps, characters as well as unlocking new items and levels. This puts you ahead of your competitors. You can first download the rom onto your computer and then copy the files into your smart card. You will not experience any blockages after downloading the ROM and can play the game just like before but this time with cool features.

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The Mario Kart Double Dash ROM can be used in both Windows and MAC PCs. We have used the latest encryption software to ensure that download from our site does not infect your computer. The ROM has been tested by our team of designers to ensure that it is free from malware and viruses. Take your Mario Kart Double Dash experience to the next level with our ROM.

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