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The game is also referred to as Super Mario Bros 3 was published for GBA handheld consoles. It was first released in Japan before been marketed to the rest of North America and Europe. Super Mario advance is based on the Super Mario All-Stars. Nintendo revealed the game during the E3 2003 conference. Some of the enhancements include a remake of Luigi and Mario voices, which are done by Charles Martinet, customizing of content through Nintendo e-reader and multiplayer mode. The game is centered on the Mario and Luigi as they try to save Princess Toadstool from the evil Bowser and his children –Koopalings. The player uses jumps to defeat enemies by stomping over them while collecting magical items that give them powers. Some new abilities added into the game are the ability to slide and fly through slopes. You can transition through levels using a world map. New antagonists have also been added.

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How to Play Super Mario Advance 4 Game

Gameplay is the same as NES Super Mario 3. As a player, you control Mario and Luigi through the eight kingdoms in the Mushroom Kingdom while battling Bowser and his Koopa kids. The group has taken control of seven magical rods from the kings in the Mushroom Kingdom; this has given them the power to transform into mysterious creatures. To advance through the game players can swim, jump, and run. Each stage has a certain objective that the player has to accomplish; players reach a black background with a rotating box that contains a flower, star or a mushroom. You cannot replay a level until you have finished the whole game. Levels can be accessed through the game map. Download our Super Mario Advance 4 ROM Here.

In the map, you will find hammer bros that wander or lowering bridges that are accessed after accomplishing a level. Levels differ and you can have a dungeon or airship. You can also play a remake of Mario Bros. game, which supports up to four players. The game still has some of the features of Super Mario 3 like power-ups through fire flower, super mushroom, Starman, super leaf, frog suit, tanooki suit, and the hammer suit. Just like in previous games the super mushroom gives Mario extraordinary size, fire attacks are through the fire flower; invisibility through the Starman; super leaf enables Mario to attack enemies through a spins and fly around the game; tanooki works like the Super leaf but can turn Mario into a statute; frog suit enables him to swim and jump higher while the hammer suit has a projectile. The whistle gives Mario the power to travel to other lands while access to the cloud enables one to skip a level. Similar to the whistle is the hammer which you can use to access new areas. Download our Super Mario Advance 4 ROM Here.Super Mario Advance 4 ROM

The game is compatible with Nintendo e-reader and this enables the players to scan e-cards while using the e-reader, two GBAs, and a copy of the game. The benefit of the card is that you can access certain features that were not present in the game. Through just one copy of the game, the player is able to add up to 32 stages as well as access the demo CD. The CD has a variety of tricks and tips that the player can learn and use in the game; power-ups cards add power-ups to the gamer’s inventory while with the switch card you can add projectiles found in Super Mario Bros. 2 and this turns enemies who have been hit by fireballs into coins. New items can be added to the game through the item card while a cap feather card adds the item to the game. To access some of these items download our Super Mario Advance 4 ROM Here.Download Super Mario Advance 4 ROM

What is the Plot in Super Mario Advance 4 Game?

The game plot is similar to Super Mario Bros. 3 and takes place in the mushroom kingdom. Bowser, his seven children, and the Koopalings invade the kingdom with each koopaling attacking the seven sub-kingdoms in Mushroom Kingdom. They steal powerful magical wands that help them transform into mystical animals. Princess Toadstool sends a help signal to Mario and Luigi with the objective of stopping Bowser and his team while recovering the magical wands. After each successful rescue of the seven kings, Mario and Luigi receive special items and notes from the princess. After rescuing the last king, they find a note from bowser instead; he has by now kidnapped the princess and imprisoned her at dark land. The Mario brothers stop the land, defeat Bowser, and his gang and rescue the princess. Download our Super Mario Advance 4 ROM Here.

Super Mario Advance 4 Development and Release

The game was first revealed to the public during a convention at the E3 2003. The game is largely based on the Super Mario All-Stars version and not the NES Super Mario Bros 3. Shigeru Miyamoto designed the game. Charles Martinet uses his trademark voice for Mario. The biggest addition was Nintendo’s e-reader which allows players to perform power-ups, upgrades, stages, and demo videos. This allows the player to create their own unique videos with the game recording the players progress through each level. This also erases whatever is saved. North America release was slated for September 11, 2003. Shigeru and Takashi were more involved in the game. Download our Super Mario Advance 4 ROM Here.

The game was popularized in various video game trade shows that included Games conference, Nintendo Gamers Summit, and European Computer Trade Show. When the game was released it comes with a number of e-cards, two were released in Japan. When the game has been released it had come with seven e-cards for Wal-Mart stores but this was later removed and in later packages, there was no mention of them. The e-cards gave Nintendo unlimited capabilities when it comes to changes. Super Mario Advance was made available for the Wii console in December 2015 for Japan, January 2016 for North America and in March 2016 for the European market. Download our Super Mario Advance 4 ROM Here.

During the pre-release period, Craig Harris from IGN criticized the game developers for adding Mario Bros but was very excited about the use of the e-reader. The game also made it to the list of the top ten best upcoming games for GBA in 2003. Some critics speculated that this could be GBA most popular game. Download our Super Mario Advance 4 ROM Here.

Common elements found in Super Mario Games

You will find Mushrooms in almost all of the Super Mario games. Mushrooms with power-ups; the most prominent of this is the Super Mushroom. This item turns the player into Super Mario and gives him the power to break powerful blocks but he reverts to his original size once hit by an enemy. While in this form the most of the power blocks that would have had the super mushroom now have the fire flower. You can identify the super mushroom through its red and white cap with an ivory stalk. Super Mario 2 was the first title to introduce the poison mushroom. The dark capped mushroom has the same effect on Mario as touching a spike or being hit by an enemy. Some Mario games have the poison mushroom having the same appearance as the super mushroom but with a meaner face. Download our Super Mario Advance 4 ROM Here.

Super Mario Advance 4 ROMThe mini mushroom does the reverse of the super mushroom and shrinks Mario. This enables him to crawl into small spaces and pipes that he would normally be able to reach. He also can float midair, jump higher, bounce off enemies without causing them any injuries. He can also run through water surfaces as if on land but he is most vulnerable in this state; he loses a life from just one hit in this state. Other Mario titles have the Mega mushroom who grows into a giant and has the ability to destroy enemies and go through environments. The Galaxy franchise has the bee mushroom that grants Mario the bee suit. Download our Super Mario  Advance 4 ROM Here.

Green and white mushrooms grant Mario extra life and are represented by the 1-UP. They are at times hidden in invisible item blocks. Mario 3D games have the 1-Ups hidden in several walking areas. One common power-up that is really cool, is the flower power-ups. Fire flower enables Mario to shoot bouncing fireballs while the ice flower helps Mario shoot ice balls that turn the enemies into a block of ice. You then can use the frozen enemies as shooting projectiles. In Galaxy, the flower enables Mario to walk on lava as if on land for a limited amount of time. In other titles he can use the flower to put frozen enemies into an ice cube; this renders them immobile. Just like other titles, Mario can then use the frozen enemies as projectiles. Gold flower enables Mario to earn bonus points by turning bricks into coins, which he can use to defeat enemies. Download our Super Mario Advance 4 Rom Here.

The invincibility feature is granted by the Starman – appears as an anthropomorphized star. In other games, its referred to as the superstar or rainbow. When Mario collects this item he becomes invisible and avoids harm. While in this state the background music changes and Mario colors flicker and he also has increased speed and jumping ability. Enemies are destroyed when Mario comes into contact with them. In some games like Mario 64, the feature is represented by a vanish or metal cap. Mario can fly in most of the games, this can be through a magic carpet or the super leaf. The Tanooki suit made its first appearance in Super Mario Bros 3 and this gives Mario propeller like abilities that enable him to fly.  In super land, he has access to a yellow plane that has unlimited ammunition. At times Mario can move around on the back of Yoshi. Download our Super Mario Advance 4 Rom Here.

How to use the Super Mario Advance 4 ROM

Once you have downloaded our Super Mario Advance 4 ROM you get access to an easy editor that lets you create your own unique gaming experience. Players can change the game layout, unlock new characters, and collect cool items. The editor lets players turn into gaming designers. The result is that you can easily defeat enemies in the game. Our editor was created to with the user in mind. This has led to a friendly gaming editor that can be used by beginners. Once you download the Rom on your PC, the next step is to transfer the files onto your smart card. You can play the game without experiencing any blockages or errors.

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